Tour a Small Atlanta Studio With a Clever Room Divider Idea


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Georgia Pearson has been renting this studio apartment for almost three years and pays $1809 a month in rent: This 610-square-foot studio in Atlanta is prized mostly for its location. It’s settled right on the Eastside Beltline (ATL’s pedestrian and bike path) in between Inman Park and Old Fourth Ward, neighborhoods known for their bustling bars and trendy restaurants.

I’ve lived solo here for three years, and truly, it’s taken that long to hit its groove. I’ve trialed a few different furniture arrangements and have grown more comfortable with color experimentation. I’m planning to move into my boyfriend’s house next spring, and am feeling nostalgic about the absolute blessing this apartment has been on my personal growth and exploration of style. It’s a luxury to curate your own space exactly how you want it, surrounded by the things that give you the most joy.

I am a project-aholic. While I’m limited in the renovations I can conduct as a renter, I am known to dabble in affordable home improvement hacks. One of my favorite accents in the space is the plant wall dividers that hang from the ceiling. These suspended trellises delineate the bedroom from the living space and provide a perfect place for my pothos to climb freely. As someone who craves a change of scenery too often for my own good, I refresh my space seasonally. I’ve actually created much of the artwork myself. After getting bored with the abstract line drawings I had purchased online, I ripped and assembled textured paper and overlayed it on top of the artwork that, to me, had grown stale.

What is your favorite room and why? I really love my cozy little balcony. I don’t own a TV, but I’ve set up a projector outside to have movie nights, surrounded by plants and a bit of a breeze.

Describe your home’s style in five words or fewer: Alive, cheerful, snug, functional, easygoing.

What’s the last thing you bought (or found!) for your home? I found a vintage letterpress tray from an old printer’s shop and am working on turning it into a coffee table. I also recently got this IKEA Perjohan bench, stained it dark green, and am using it as a plant stand with storage for books and stationery underneath.

Any advice for creating a home you love? Don’t try to decorate it all at once! Slowly collect things you truly love — those are the cherished belongings that will become more meaningful and follow you from home to home. I have a folding bistro table with a sunflower mosaic top that I thrifted in college and I’ll take it to my grave — I’ve schlepped it to six apartments across three different states.


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