Ampere Is Delivering the Biggest Innovation to Eyewear in 50 Years


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What’s the secret to gaining 100,000 customers in more than 100 countries and 680% revenue growth in a single year? No compromise.

Chase Larson and Reid Covington founded Ampere to create tech that’s both fun and functional. Their products have made them one of the fastest growing consumer electronics brands in the world.

Now they’re unveiling their biggest innovation yet: The World’s First Light and Touch Responsive Prescription-Ready Glasses with Instant Electronic Tint Control that are equal parts smart and stylish.

With crowdfunding in their DNA since the beginning, they’re now inviting investors to be a part of their journey.

Here’s what you need to know about Ampere and the opportunity to join them as a shareholder.

Ampere aims to disrupt the $160B eyewear industry.

The catalyst behind Ampere’s rapid acceleration is their line of smart sunglasses, Dusk. Here’s what the company says makes them such a game-changer:

  • Tint-changing electrochromic lenses with the potential to define a new era in eyewear
  • Can adapt their tint levels to changing lighting conditions in a mere 0.1 seconds
  • App-enabled to fine-tune tint for a more personalized, optimal visual experience
  • Includes open-ear audio and a microphone for discreet, immersive listening

Using an ambient light sensor in the bridge of the frame, Ampere’s InstaOptic™ technology measures brightness over 30 times a second and regulates the visible light transmittance (VLT) of the lens to protect the user’s eyes in any lighting condition.

The tint range on Ampere’s HVL™ and Xpanse™ lenses is thus far unmatched. They enable visible light transmission (VLT%) from a clear 63% down to a deeply tinted 6%, which can be adjusted either manually or automatically.

The shades are also connected to an app that gives users the power to fine-tune their InstaOptic™ settings, setting their preferred tint range and transition times between tints.

All of this functionality comes bundled in a lightweight and stylish design available in a range of classic styles.

Embodying the perfect fusion of fashion and function, Ampere is approaching 100,000 customers across 100 countries already. But the best is yet to come for Ampere as they disrupt the $160 billion eyewear market. With so much money spent on sunglasses every year and minimal innovation since the 1960s, it’s a huge opportunity for innovators to jump in.

And the company believes their next big innovation could be the most advanced sunglasses ever created.

Ampere’s vision for the future of glasses.

The next step for Ampere is Dusk Rx, the world’s first prescription glasses with electronic tint control. Prescription glasses represent 79% of the eyewear market which is projected to reach $324B by 2030.

Dusk Rx just launched on Kickstarter last week reaching 1000% of its funding goal in the first 48 hours and is on pace to be their biggest launch of all time, smashing the records set by the original Dusk.

“Ever since we launched Dusk in 2021, the number one request we’ve received from tens of thousands of Dusk wearers globally has been to make a prescription-ready version of Dusk.

We’ve spent the last three years meticulously crafting and refining the next generation: Dusk Rx. The technology we’ve been able to build into our newest smart glasses has honestly exceeded what we dreamed possible.

Simply put, Dusk Rx are the most advanced sunglasses ever created. Thanks to our patent-pending InstaOptic™ technology and new HVL Xpanse Lenses, Dusk Rx are the only prescription-ready glasses that can instantly switch between category 1, category 2, and category 3 — either manually or automatically. And now we can customize them with or without your prescription, we have a whole range of new colors housed in premium new designs and you can personalize your visual experience in our App – we’ve crafted Dusk Rx to not only be highly functional but truly personalized.

Dusk Rx embodies Ampere’s relentless drive for innovation – dreaming and creating products that are not just better than anything else on the market, but that people unequivocally love using every day.”

” – Reid Covington, CEO

Just like the regular Dusk shades, Dusk Rx applies Ampere’s patent-pending InstaOpticTM to prescription lenses, giving people without 20/20 vision the same tint-adjusting capability. The lenses are crafted from premium MR material, designed for high clarity and durability.

What’s even better is that they can support prescriptions ranging from +/- 7 SPH to +/- 2 CYL, which means they can accommodate over 90% of the prescription market.

Dusk Rx will start out with six modern reinterpretations of classic frame styles including Rectangle, Wayfarer, Oversized, Aviator, Round, and Cat-eye.

Ampere’s 2024 and 2025 product roadmap.

Additional Dusk products are already in the works, promising a wider application of their proprietary tech.

Ampere has already successfully made prototypes using their technology for the following obvious use-cases which have clear demand and massive market potential, they plan to launch the following in 2024:

  • skiing and snowboarding goggles where it is not uncommon for people to spend $500 on goggles with multiple lenses that they need to carry around and frequently swap out
  • blue-light blocking smart glasses for computer workers who are eager to invest in the latest gadgets to enhance their productivity

Looking forward a little further into the future, Ampere is developing even more ambitious products with plans to launch the following in 2025:

  • Further medical applications in addition to their prescription glasses like applying their technology to treat light sensitivity, dyslexia, irlene syndrome, age-related macular degeneration and more
  • Leveraging augmented reality in their sports and upcoming indoor productivity and prescription glasses.

Ampere’s journey is just getting started. Since being founded in 2019, Ampere has generated a loyal following and brought in $10 million in revenue. But the company is poised for even greater heights, with plans to expand into 1,500 stores in 2023. This speaks volumes about Ampere’s potential and the appetite for their products.

Ampere’s products are built on exciting intellectual property.

Lastly, Ampere’s strong intellectual property (IP) portfolio shouldn’t be overlooked — six patents, four pending patents, and 32 registered trademarks. This kind of protection gives young, innovative companies an advantage and strengthens their claim to the position of market leader.

Investors know how past success does not indicate future returns. But the progress Ampere has made in just the four years they’ve existed should at least instill confidence that this is a fast-growing brand with a loyal following that could be around for years to come.

Now, let’s get into their investment opportunity.

The Ampere investment opportunity.

More than just a tech company, Ampere is a visionary force poised to redefine the way we interact with eyewear. Instead of letting a stagnant industry dictate the company’s direction, they’re setting the terms.

This is your chance to be a part of this revolution and shape the future of eyewear technology with them. Not only that, but investments of $996 or more come with a free pair of Dusk shades ($368 value). Investments of $2,500 or more get bonus shares added and more.

Head to Ampere’s website to learn more and invest while there’s still time.

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