Why The Human Touch Is Still Vital in AI Marketing


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There’s no denying it: A fast-changing and often dizzying component of any digital marketing program is now artificial Intelligence. In assessing this reality, I’ve found it possible, and empowering, to keep my traditional marketing boots laced up — I just equip them with AI-powered rocket boosters. Because, though breakthrough tech might be altering aspects of this work, let’s be clear: the heart and soul of the marketing mission… that’s still all human.

Imagine you’ve been working out in an old-school gym. Simple weights, classic routines and sweat. Now, imagine you’re handed this super-cool sci-fi exoskeleton, and are suddenly bench-pressing buses and doing squats with elephants on your back. That’s akin to the difference AI brought to my digital marketing workout — it supercharged everything — but (and this is key), it’s still me deciding where and when to flex those abilities. The exoskeleton might add muscle, but the workout itself is still a personal effort.

Remember the days of content creation when it felt like playing darts in the dark? Sometimes you hit, sometimes you missed and sometimes you just heard a cat screech in the distance. Then AI strutted onto the scene, and with its right nudge and prompt, it was like turning on the lights: The board’s the same, as are the darts, but you’re suddenly hitting bullseyes more often than not.


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