Wayfair Shoppers Love This Compact, Bar-Height Dining Table


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It might be true that not as many people sit down to dinner around the table as they once did, instead opting to eat out, grab something on the go, or take their meals around the TV. If you find yourself in this boat, perhaps you also just don’t have enough space for an actual dining table. If so, you’ve probably come to realize that owning one is somewhat of a luxury. Sure, eating on the couch is all well and good, until your back starts to hurt from hunching over the coffee table. And snacking in bed might sound fun at first, until you end up with a bunch of crumbs in your sheets. Simply put, nothing beats enjoying meals comfortably atop a suitably high surface, away from your bedroom and any other areas where the smell of food isn’t particularly welcome.

However, it’s not like you can just snap your fingers and suddenly have enough space for a full-sized dining table, so we found the next best thing. The Riggle dining table from Wayfair might not be big, but if you’re dealing with a tiny kitchen, it’ll suit your needs without making you sacrifice too much valuable square footage.

What is the Riggle dining table?

This product is perhaps more comparable to a makeshift bar, but the beauty in its design lies in its versatility. At 40 inches tall, it’s definitely bar height. Even still, nothing is stopping you from enjoying breakfast, lunch, and dinner atop its smooth wooden surface. The table’s frame is made of sturdy steel, so it won’t wobble or waver no many how many plates are on it. There’s also a horizontal steel bar running along its bottom half, serving as a convenient footrest. Most impressive of all, however, is the table’s width, which caps out at just under 16 inches. This means you can place it in that tight, unused space you’ve been wondering what to do with, or perhaps against a wall. In any case, the table will stay out of the way while giving you a cozy place to eat.

Of course, you can place the Riggle table in other rooms, too, and simply use it as a desk, reading area, or coffee counter. Its two-toned, industrial-chic appearance will blend right in with the rest of your decor; just grab a stool or two, and your multifunctional setup is complete!

What Wayfair Reviewers Are Saying

Indeed, the table is on sale right now for nearly 25 percent off, meaning you can snag if for under $100. If you miss having a dedicated dinner spot, this piece is potentially the best option for small spaces. Pick yours up today, and make uncomfortable at-home dining experiences a thing of the past.


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