This “Sick Box” Hack Will Prepare You for Cold & Flu Season


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Everyone knows what it feels like to wake up with a sore throat, or to start feeling flu-y and lethargic and know it’s about to get worse. It means you’re getting sick, and your first steps are probably to take your temperature and start loading up on medicine or turn to natural cold and flu remedies. But sometimes the items you need are hard to retrieve, especially if you don’t get sick very often or if they get lost in the recesses of your bathroom cabinet

The only thing worse than feeling under the weather is having to go on a scavenger hunt when you have even less energy than usual. That’s why I came up with the “sick box,” where I keep all of my essential cold and flu items so they’re well-organized and easily accessible. When I start feeling even a little sick, I pull out my sick box and bring it to my kitchen counter (or, if I’m really sick, my couch or bed) so I have everything I need in a contained zone.

Here’s what I keep in my sick box: 

I keep my at-home Covid tests elsewhere, but they would be a great addition to your sick box if you have room. And if you have any comfort items that won’t fit — such as a heating pad, favorite sweatshirt, or soft blanket — try storing those items in a special drawer or closet near your sick box so you can quickly grab them when you start experiencing symptoms.

Being sick is hard enough. By thinking ahead and dedicating a specific container to cold and flu items, you can make it much easier on yourself and put more of your energy into getting well.


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