This NYC Studio Has the Tiniest Bathroom


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In New York City, there’s a vacant West Village apartment that has a lot going for it: a prime location, plenty of natural light, and a fireplace. The catch? It’s so cramped, you might not be able to sit on the toilet.

In a video from TikTok content creator and real estate agent @rentnewyork, followers were given a tour of the studio.

It starts off with a view of the neighborhood, which is quite lovely. Then, it’s the climb up the stairs to the rental, where there’s a small space with a fireplace. It has just enough room for a bed, a table, and perhaps even a tiny couch. Not bad. It looks cozy and charming, thanks to the abundance of natural light flooding in from the two skylights.

The kitchen isn’t too bad, either. Although a tight squeeze, the area is complete with an oven, a sink, a microwave, lots of storage, and a full-size fridge. Oh, and it has a skylight too.

Now the bathroom. It has a shower that’s two feet by two feet, so you could hit your head when you bend over to soap your legs. The toilet nearby is installed at an angle, with one of its sides pretty close to the wall. It would make a tight fit for quite a few people. 

“How is this working?” the agent asks, wondering how anyone could squeeze in the space provided. But hey, at least the bathroom has a skylight too!

And the price of rent? “Under $3,000.”

The comments section, of course, went off. Many hated the place. “How do you guys live this way,” someone said. Another added, “Pretty sure I have had nightmares about that bathroom.”

Others surprisingly liked it. “This one is actually kinda nice for a small studio,” said a commenter, while another chimed in, “Genuinely a cute studio. And for NYC … I dunno, don’t hate it.”

What do you think? Is this West Village tiny apartment worth the under-$3,000-per-month rent?


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