This Job Will Pay You to Watch Netflix’s Most Popular Shows

Streaming platforms have made it so easy to binge-watch your favorite shows, but sometimes sitting through hours of episodes just to get to the end can feel like hard work.

Well, now you can get paid for it.

A new job posting by Online Casinos is offering $2,500 for a “Professional Binge Watcher” ahead of National Binge Day on September 25.

One screen-loving applicant will have to binge all episodes and seasons of “Squid Game,” “Stranger Things,” and “Wednesday,” within one month’s time. The gig pays a flat fee of $2,000 with an additional $500 for snacks and a Netflix subscription.

The winning binge-watcher will be required to rate the shows on a 1-10 scale in several categories, including “bingeability” and “snoozability.”

“We want to get to the bottom of a popular debate: which series truly is the most binge-worthy on Netflix,” the job listing reads. “We’re looking for the ultimate TV binger to step up to the challenge.”

In total, the three series span 51 episodes and around 50 hours of watching time, including 4 seasons of “Stranger Things” and the single seasons (so far) of “Wednesday” and “Squid Games.”

“Squid Games” made history in 2021 when it became Netflix’s most streamed show ever, hitting 111 million households by December of that year, which trumped the record previously held by “Bridgerton” with 82 million household views.

Netflix has not endorsed the job posting nor publicly commented on it.

Applications close on September 25, and interested bingers can apply here.

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