This $1,500 Bedroom Makeover Oozes “Quiet Luxury”


A color-drenched room adds contemporary drama. 

For the second phase of the bedroom, Megan knew that she wanted to take the plunge and paint the entire room a darker, moodier mossy green-brown color (Benjamin Moore’s Stampede) — something she had wanted to do for a long time. 

“This was a bit intimidating because we don’t have giant vaulted ceilings in our bedroom, so at first we were concerned that painting it dark might make the room feel smaller,” she says. “At first, we just planned on painting the walls brown and leaving the ceiling white.”

But Megan recalls that with the ceiling left white, something “felt off,” and she and Jeff ultimately decided to go for a color-drenched effect. “We got about half the ceiling painted before we looked at each other and knew we made the right decision. The room immediately felt moodier, cozier, and, believe it or not, LARGER!” she says. (And, she adds, the darker color even helps her sleep a bit better!)


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