Talk to Me Directors on Horror Movie’s Prequel and Sequel Hopes


When io9 interviewed Danny and Michael Philippou—the siblings behind Talk to Me, the summer’s scariest movie—they described the “mythology bible” they assembled to keep track of the story’s many creepy spirits. Now, it seems they also picked up their cameras to create additional contextual material.

If you’ve seen Talk to Me (and if you haven’t, this isn’t a spoiler), you know it opens with a scene that foreshadows what’ll happen to the movie’s core characters once they come into contact with a certain embalmed hand. We see a young man trying to track down his brother, Duckett, who’s been acting very strange. Almost like he’s possessed. Then, things get scary and violent really fast—setting the tone as Talk to Me segues into its main story.

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, Danny Philippou explained there’s already an expanded version of that scene that could see the light of day eventually: “We actually shot an entire Duckett prequel already. It’s told entirely through the perspective of mobile phones and social media, so maybe down the line we can release that.”

He went on to not-so-subtly suggest they’d be more than ready to make a sequel if the opportunity presents itself, nearly repeating what he said to io9, which was: “Even while writing the first film, I was writing scenes for the second film; it’s exciting to feel like there’s a bigger world and more story to tell, which there is. So if someone were to give us funding for a second film, I would jump on that. I’d love that so much. It would be amazing.” (The brothers, who are attached to a Street Fighter movie, also have more original ideas in the bank; as Danny added to THR, “We do have another horror script called Bring Her Back that I’d love to make next.”)

With the movie already a hit—and a final scene that absolutely leaves the door open for more freaky adventures with that excellently destructive hand—here’s hoping we get an update on that Talk to Me sequel soon. And the “prequel” sounds like it’d make a nifty special feature once Talk to Me gets its home release. For now, it’s still poised to scare you silly in theaters.

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