Rooster Decor Is Back in Style — Here’s What to Shop


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Few things scream early 2000s interior design quite like Tuscan-style kitchens. Before Instagram and Pinterest brought about an obsession with sleek, white kitchens flooded with natural light, the preferred style for “the heart of the home” was a bit more intricate. 

Tuscan kitchens marry rustic materials with opulent details, earthy color palettes, stone details, and warm wood accents. The result? A room that feels as warm and welcoming and over-the-top as your favorite neighborhood Italian restaurant. (You just never have to leave home to visit it.)

Many of these kitchens also featured the unofficial mascot for Tuscan kitchens: the rooster. You’d be hard pressed to find a kitchen without at least some sort of rooster paraphernalia during that time, whether it be a simple figurine sitting on an open shelf, a rooster-shaped crock to hold your utensils, or a full set of rooster-themed kitchenware. 

But despite their reign as the most popular kitchen style of the early 2000s, these kitchens soon fell from favor. It seemed like we’d all seen the last of Tuscan kitchens for good — until, that is, folks who grew up during that time period started to resurface the style on social media, professing their love for Tuscan kitchens and embracing the style’s nostalgia. And with seemingly everyone going to Italy over the summer, Italian-inspired decor is receiving renewed attention

And just like that, rooster-themed kitchen decor started making its way back onto the shelves of some of our favorite retailers. From measuring cups to pitchers to figurines and so much more, roosters are making their mark in the kitchen again. Here are just a few of the stand-out pieces.


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