Parachute Organic Cloud Cotton Euro Shams Review 2023


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I consider myself a bedding connoisseur, if such a thing exists. When I moved to Los Angeles more than two years ago, I spent an inordinate amount of time scouring the web to find the coziest, dreamiest products that would make my bed a slice of sleepy heaven. After all, to me, the perfect bed setup is the most natural way to make a new place feel like home. I’m not one to load up on decorative pillows, but I knew I needed a few for utilitarian and aesthetic purposes. I was seriously struggling in the search. Everything I came across was either the wrong size or didn’t match the vision I had in mind. That is, until I stumbled upon Parachute’s Organic Cloud Cotton Euro Shams.

What’s So Great About the Parachute’s Organic Cloud Cotton Euro Shams?

For a detail as small as accent pillows, the Cloud Cotton Euro Shams have made a world of difference in my bedroom. The covers are made of a gauzy 100 percent organic Turkish cotton — the same material used in Parachute’s iconic Cloud Cotton Robe. The material is light, airy, and just textured enough to add some intrigue. It carries a clean, minimal look that goes well with all design types and styles. These shams are the perfect decorative accent for my bed — without them, it would look a bit too sparse and pared-down, but with them, my bed has the perfect lived-in but simultaneously put-together vibe. 

Beyond looks, the fabric is supremely comfortable. I often find myself falling asleep on them as if they were my regular pillows, and frankly I’m not mad about it. I was initially a bit deterred by the price when I was adding these shams to my cart — they just seemed high in comparison to many other, more budget-friendly options I found. But I think you really do get what you pay for with these. The lightweight fabric is surprisingly durable and has sustained almost two years of frequent machine washing and drying without any changes in texture or pillow. The fabric is also OEKO-TEX and GOTS certified, which means all materials used are tested against toxins to ensure safety and grown organically in accordance with strict ecological and labor manufacturing standards, respectively. 


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