Nate Berkus’ Belt Storage Hack Will Finally Keep Them Tidy


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As if his line of home organization essentials and the #TripleVirgo in his Instagram bio didn’t already tip you off, Nate Berkus loves a good organizing hack. So when he finally (finally!) learned how to properly coil and store a belt, he felt the need to share with his fellow neat freaks — and we use that term admirably here. 

“This is arguably one of the most exciting things I’ve ever learned,” Berkus said in a recent Instagram video. “And at 51, that’s really saying a lot.”

For those of you with an ample belt collection, you already know how life-changing a proper belt storage hack can be. Unraveling coils and bulky buckles can take up a lot of drawer or hanger space. But by simply adjusting your coiling method, you can make your belt drawer look like a little slice of organized heaven.

Berkus said he was sent this belt-folding hack by his good friend Marjorie Gubelmann, who originally saw a video by Natalia from @style__me_up on Instagram. 

“For years I’ve always just had these in a drawer,” he said. “I kind of try to roll them up [but] they always go everywhere. I know a lot of you hang them from a hanger, or you try to put them over a hanger. It’s always a mess. They never stay where you want them to stay — until now.”

Basically, you just feed the tail end of your belt through the top of the belt buckle. Then, you coil the length up and place it neatly in the already-formed circle at the buckle end. Your tails won’t escape and you can make every belt roughly the same size coil. 

“Is there anything more satisfying?” he asked. Well, no!

Berkus is on his way to learning enough organizational hacks to teach his own masterclass. Lessons on how to be a Triple Virgo? Sign us up!


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