Musician Refused to Stop Singing, Almost Booted from Flight


Lots of things can make a plane ride unbearable — crying babies, loud adults…a Grammy-nominated singer who refuses to stop singing.

This was the case on a Delta Airlines flight November 10 when gospel singer Bobbi Storm started singing and refused to stop — even after being told by flight attendants and crew members to sit down.

In a video posted to Instagram, Storm stood up and decided she wanted to start singing to passengers before sitting down and announcing to the flight that she had been nominated for two Grammy Awards that day.

“The seat belt sign is off, it’s not a disturbance,” she told the flight attendant while standing in the aisle. “I used to sing on planes a long time ago. I just found out I’m up for two Grammys.”

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A flight attendant then walked over to Storm and asked her to stop.

“I’m not enjoying it, so I’m asking you to be quiet,” the flight attendant said, bluntly. “Are you willing and able to be quiet right now?”

Storm said she was “doing what the Lord is telling me to do” before explaining that if she was not able to follow his instructions, she would not be permitted to take the flight — and keep singing.

Storm is nominated as a vocalist on Maverick City Music’s album “The Maverick Way Complete,” which is nominated for best gospel album and best contemporary Christian music performance/song.

Virtually no one in the comment section of the now-viral Instagram footage agreed with Storm, calling her “rude and entitled” and likening the experience a “nightmare.”

“This is one of the most egotistical things I’ve ever seen,” one person wrote. “You think because you’re Grammy-nominated that rules don’t apply to you and the plane is your stage? Work on that ego sis.”

“YOU ARE NOT THE MAIN CHARACTER,” another wrote harshly. “Sit down and be quiet on a plane. It is basic courtesy to everyone around you. I don’t care how beautiful your voice is. Other passengers didn’t pay for a concert. They paid for a peaceful flight. Respect their space.”

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Storm defended herself in the comments, stating that there “were no laws broken here” before claiming that the “flight attendant was out of order and did not have the authority to do what he was threatening, but I have places to go and wasn’t going to stoop to his level.”

According to Delta’s accordance with the Federal Aviation Agency’s Unruly Passenger Policy, “federal regulations require that customers follow all crewmember instructions and prohibits the interference with crew duties. Such actions are strictly prohibited and may result in civil or criminal penalties for interfering, assaulting or intimidating crewmembers or any other individuals.”

In a follow-up video, Storm said that Delta reached out to her and apologized and noted that she did not want the flight attendant to be “reprimanded” or lose his job, reinstating that no rules were broken.

Delta Airlines did not immediately respond to Entrepreneur‘s request for comment, though the airline did tell CBS that staff is in contact with Storm and noted that “it’s always important to follow crew instructions.”


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