Lettan flat mirrors might fall off your wall and shatter


Ikea has announced a recall of more than 25,000 Lettan flat mirrors due to laceration fears. At issue is not the mirror itself but the included plastic fittings that attach the mirror to the wall. The plastic fittings can break, leading to the mirror falling and shattering. The resulting shards can lacerate the skin.

This recall follows an earlier recall of Ikea Lettan mirrors. The latest recall includes 14,600 mirrors in the United States and about 10,500 that were sold in Canada. Ikea had previously recalled 22,400 Lettan mirrors in March of this year.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) says Ikea has received reports of 10 incidents involving mirrors in this recall and reports of 55 incidents involving the mirrors in the previous recall. There was also “one report of the plastic fittings coming loose and the mirror falling off the wall in the U.S. in addition to the one in the previous recall.” Thankfully, no injuries have yet been reported.

Ikea lists the following models as being included in the recall:

  • Lettan mirror 23 5/8 x 37 3/4″ (article #804.353.05)
  • Lettan mirror 31 1/2 x 37 3/4″ (article #804.353.10)
  • Lettan mirror 39 3/8 x 37 3/4″ (article #604.352.69)
  • Lettan mirror 47 1/4 x 37 3/4″ (article #304.353.03)
  • Additionally, Ikea says that “all LETTAN mirrors with a date stamp before and including 2105 (YYWW)” and “LETTAN mirrors with supplier number 21944, date stamps before and including 2325 (YYWW)” are included in the recall.

Ikea’s Lettan mirror [Image: Ikea]

The affected mirrors were sold on Ikea.com and in Ikea stores between December 2019 and June 2023 for prices ranging from $23 to $56, according to the CPSC. The agency says consumers should stop using the mirrors immediately and either return them to Ikea or contact Ikea for a free set of replacement fittings.

Photos of the mirror and date stamp can be found on the CPSC listing here.


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