Jon Bellion on How He Co-Wrote ‘Seven’ By Jung Kook Feat. Latto – Billboard


Singer/songwriter Jon Bellion shares how he made Hot 100 No. 1 hit “Seven” with BTS’ Jung Kook and Latto, as well as how Scooter Braun played a role in helping bring the track together.

Jon Bellion:
Just one little section that we thought was like super hitty and it was just a beat that had ‘Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday’ and the hook. Fast-forward two years later, it went crazy.

Tetris Kelly:
Are you still singing Jung Kook and Latto’s “Seven” repeatedly? It’s this week’s Billboard Hot 100 No. 1, and we’re taking you behind the song.

“Seven” is one of the first true A&R collaborations between Scooter Braun and Chairman Bang of Hybe since their partnership began in 2021. They put the team together that included Andrew Watt, Cirkut and Jon Bellion. We spoke to Jon about how the song came together.

Jon Bellion:
I got a phone call from from Watt, Watt and Cirkut were the two producers on the record, this is probably two years ago. On a random Saturday I kind of just took it into the studio by myself and just filled in — just kinda filled it out. It kind of in my mind fell by the wayside and just was like, ‘Oh another song that you work on in a session,’ like ‘I really think it’s it’s a great song and super catchy. It could be really great for somebody.’ I think a lot had happened. I think Bang and Scooter linked up and they started operating and starting to understand each other and I had no idea the gravity of of Jung Kook being solo and it being fully English and I had no idea, I didn’t know what was brewing. Somebody called me, it was like, ‘Oh, it’s gonna come out in a couple of weeks.’ I was like ‘sick.’ I checked my phone, the biggest 100 million streams, and it’s crazy.

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