I Tried the Viral Purse Storage Hack — See How It Went


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Am I the only one with so many purses, totes, and bags, and no idea how to store them? Leaving them out makes my space look more cluttered (and they tend to collect dust), stuffing them in my closet makes me forget that I have them (and therefore never use them), and hanging them on the back of my door makes for a much heavier swing that can’t be good for the door or the bags. That’s why when I first saw vintage seller and content creator Aarica Nichole’s ingenious purse-hanging hack, I practically sprinted to Amazon to get what I needed to try it myself.

I almost couldn’t believe how simple the hack was when I saw it. With just a simple chain hanging off a hook in the ceiling, she hangs purses of all different shapes and sizes with the help of S-hooks and gravity. I absolutely love that it puts the bags on display without taking up any precious floor, closet, or shelf space — it’s almost like it’s its own little art piece of bright, colorful bags in an otherwise unused section of the room. As someone with dozens and dozens of purses, I couldn’t wait to get started.

First and foremost, I had to order a drill (I was tired of borrowing my neighbor’s when I needed it, which was often), and aside from that, I only spent about $16.50 on the chain and the 30-pack of S-hooks, although I could’ve opted for a smaller pack. I already had a cup hook, a drywall anchor, and some smaller S-hooks from various other home projects, and luckily the aforementioned chain came with a spring link. These are all items you could also get at your local hardware or discount store, too.

To start things off, I cleared the space and got all my purses together. I held the chain on my ceiling where I wanted to drill to see how it would look, and I was happy with it about four inches off the wall with enough space around it for the bags to hang. Next, I drilled a hole the same size as the anchor and the cup hook, hammered in the anchor, then screwed the cup hook into the anchor with my hand. I hung the chain on the hook, and the setup was done in under five minutes flat!

Then came the fun part. I started hanging my purses with both straps together on one side of the S-hooks and the other side on the chain. I tried to alternate different colors, sizes, and shapes on the different sides and heights of the chain for a little more variation, and I love how it turned out! I ended up not hanging my bigger leather purses on it because I use them more often and I thought they’d make it a little too cluttered for my liking. 

This next part is for all my hat-lovers — I used the smaller S-hooks to hang a handful of my many, many hats to fill the holes in between the purses on the chain. Finally, a chic storage solution for the two accessories I have the most of! Of course, you could use the smaller or larger S-hooks to hang all kinds of things (decor, jewelry, scarves — the world is your oyster). I will note that for nicer or more fragile handbags, especially leather ones, hanging them for long periods of time can damage the straps, but that wasn’t a concern of mine.

After a quick, easy, and budget-friendly DIY project, an empty corner of my room became a stylish storage furnishing that, dare I say, has even become a talking point for my guests (who all want to try it at home too now). It freed up more space in my closet and other hanging storage spots around my tiny apartment, and I even get to look at my pretty bags that I honestly forgot I even had. What’s not to love?


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