How to Use Sheer Curtains to Make Your Bedroom Super Cozy


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Designing a bedroom to look like a cozy nest is definitely a dream for a lot of people — but when you’re decorating on a budget, you might wonder how to do it without blowing a hole in your wallet. While you can definitely add touches over time, there are ways to be thrifty and still pull your bedroom together. Margaret and Corey Bienart, who are the brains behind A Pretty Cool Hotel Tour, found a breathtakingly simple one that’ll make your sleeping space feel like the perfect place to dream. 

The couple gave us a tour of their eclectic Los Angeles home in October, and a standout was definitely their bedroom. The centerpiece is, of course, their gorgeous heart-shaped bed, which they sourced from a hotel that they checked out. Equally of note, however, are the sheer curtains that run all the way around their bedroom. Yep, you got that right — they’re not just on the windows. They literally cocoon the entire room.

Margaret explains, “When we moved in, since we didn’t have much in the way of decor, the bedroom was feeling pretty sad and empty. We tried a method that we saw on one of our tours in Oregon at a place called The Stay Away, where we put sheer curtains all around the room.” The DIY decor was accessible, as they got all the materials from Amazon for $250, which seems a small price to pay for something that transforms a room this wonderfully. If Amazon’s not your thing, check out some of our favorite places to buy curtains. It also takes almost no time to set up — according to Margaret, they did it all in a day.

Of course, it might take a bit of work to set up the curtain rods, but once it’s done, you can customize this DIY to your heart’s content. You might also want to make sure your heating and cooling systems work around this DIY. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you might opt for different materials and colors, or if you’re looking to truly transform your sleep hygiene, you might even opt for more solid curtains. The sky’s the limit! 


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