Food Delivery Worker, 64, Shot, Carjacked Delivering Order


A 64-year-old food delivery driver was shot multiple times in an alleged carjacking after dropping off a food delivery order on Sunday.

The incident occurred around 6 p.m. in the north Philadelphia neighborhood of Port Richmond when the victim, who has yet to be named, was walking back to his car and ambushed from behind. The victim had just delivered a food order from Fresh Works restaurant, police told ABC News.

The deliveryman was shot five or six times before the assailant fled the scene in the victim’s Jeep. As of Monday, the gunman is still on the run and has yet to be identified.

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Phyllis Kelly, who received the food order, told local news outlet WPVI Philadelphia that the shooting occurred right after she got her food and closed the front door.

“It happened so quick. It’s like, why did this happen?” Kelly told the news station. “[I’m] in shock and anger. Maybe if I would have stayed there another minute, maybe they would have went away. Maybe the driver would have been okay.”

When police arrived at the scene, they found the man collapsed outside of the home with gunshot wounds to the chest, torso, and back. He was transported to a nearby hospital and is in critical condition as of Monday, authorities said.

Fresh Works owner Joe Yoa told WPVI that the driver was retired and had recently stepped up to help the restaurant with deliveries.

“He’s a father, a grandfather, and from what I gather he’s an all-around great-grandfather and just a person who will do anything for you,” Yoa said.

Police said they are on the lookout for the vehicle and at least two males in connection to the incident. They also discovered a firearm at the scene.

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Philadelphia has seen 22 non-fatal shooting victims in the first week of November and 1,162 total this year thus far, according to the Philadelphia Center for Gun Violence Reporting.

“It’s just sad. All the violence, all the guns. It’s just sad it’s going on,” Port Richmond resident Ana S. told WPVI.

“An innocent life, who is just trying to earn a couple of dollars on a Sunday or just get that second job, something so easy, just so innocent, and had no idea what was coming up behind him,” she added.


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