Entrepreneur+ Subscribers-Only Event | November 14: Meet the CEO Who Innovated the Way Consumer Brands Interact with Customers


Just a few short years ago, the soda industry seemed untouchable to startups. That was until OLIPOP found a gap in consumer needs and tapped into Gen Z culture to create a brand that now competes with Coke and Pepsi.

On Tuesday, November 14th at 2 PM ET, meet OLIPOP’s CEO, Ben Goodwin in our next Entrepreneur+ Subscriber-Only Event, as he walks us through his bubbly approach to formulating authenticity and formulating soda. Learn about his journey and gather his insights — so you, too, can create a genuine brand that connects with others.

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About the Speaker:

Ben Goodwin co-founded OLIPOP in 2018, alongside business partner David Lester. Ben, who forwent an environmental science degree in favor of his entrepreneurial spirit, has a passion for health and wellness that stems from personal experience. After a childhood on the standard American diet, Ben had an epiphany at just 14 years of age–losing 50 pounds with the implementation of daily exercise and more mindful eating habits. These positive changes resulted in a deep curiosity about nutrition’s effect on physical and mental health, making Ben a relentless scholar of the human microbiome and ways to leverage it for overall wellness.

Ben has now been an entrepreneur and product developer in the digestive beverage field for more than a decade, striving to create drinks that optimize for both taste and digestive health benefits. OLIPOP is in over 21,000 retail doors and surpassing $200M in revenue annually.

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