Elon Musk Unveils Grok, a ‘Spicy’ and ‘Based’ AI Chatbot


Despite signing a letter in June asking for a pause to rapid AI development, Elon Musk is launching an AI bot under his new startup, xAI.

Meet Grok — Musk’s “rebellious” new chatbot from xAI, Musk’s company that launched over the summer. Grok is “designed to have a little humor in its responses” and became accessible for certain X users over the weekend.

“A unique and fundamental advantage of Grok is that it has real-time knowledge of the world via the X platform,” xAI said in a release. “It will also answer spicy questions that are rejected by most other AI systems.”

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Musk took to his X account to share more examples of Grok’s capabilities, including step-by-step recipes for how to create illicit drugs.

Grok will also be able to access real-time information through X, which Musk says is a “massive advantage” over its competitors.

“It’s also based & loves sarcasm,” he wrote. “I have no idea who could have guided it this way.”

The bot will be a clearcut rival to ChatGPT, which is known to censor its responses to users though the “exact details of how censorship is implemented and enforced by OpenAI are proprietary and not publicly disclosed,” according to Stack Exchange.

Grok is in the early phases of completion and has only been trained for two months, per the company’s release.

Interested users can sign up for a waitlist to gain access to use the bot but it will eventually be available to all users subscribed to X’s Premium+ tier, costing $16 a month.


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