EDISHINE LED Table Lamp: Amazon Reviews

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Just recently, I watched a viral TikTok video where a woman follows her husband around, turning off the overhead lights immediately after he turns them on and switching on lamps instead. “When your husband doesn’t understand the no overhead lighting rule,” the caption reads. I relate to this sentiment on every level, and it appears thousands of TikTok users do, too.

If my roommates turn on the big lights in our shared space, I will dim them if I’m hanging out there. My room, on the other hand, will never, ever be flooded with harsh lighting. Instead, I’d rather opt for ambiance in the form of my floor lamp and string lantern lights. But whether you’re like me or want your house as bright as possible, more lamps are never a bad idea — but you might not have the space on your side table for a full-sized one. That’s where this slim, small space-friendly, LED option from Amazon comes in.

What is the EDISHINE LED Table Lamp?

This lamp is a minimalist’s — or small space owner’s — dream. With its simple and compact vertical design, you can get the mood lighting you want without sacrificing valuable surface area, and you’ll consume low levels of energy at the same time. It gives off three different lighting temperatures: warm (which is meant for bedtime), nature (for reading), and daylight (for working), so all of your needs will be covered.

It’s as simple to use as it looks, with a one-touch button on the cord to change between colors — and a longer touch allows you to adjust between 10 to 100 percent brightness. You can customize the lamp even further with your choice of three metal body colors, including black, silver, or gold.

What Amazon Reviewers Are Saying

With almost 400 perfect ratings and an affordable price point, this little device is the answer if you’ve been wanting a compact lighting solution that blends seamlessly into its surroundings. Make sure to grab it at a discount while you still can!

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