Downluxe Shower Curtain Liner: I Swear By It


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I’ve lived in five different New York City apartments and each one had its own specific set of problems. But they all did have one thing in common (aside from all being in Brooklyn): The bathrooms were all humid. Even if I hadn’t showered in the past day, my towels felt unpleasantly damp. Our shower curtain liner would develop mold or rust within months. The rapid takeover of these two substances has demoralized me and every roommate I’ve had. No matter how often we cleaned the bathroom, it never felt truly clean.

Despite inching closer to Manhattan as I’ve gotten older and replacing old IKEA furniture with more stylish alternatives, I haven’t managed to upgrade to an apartment with a bathroom with decent ventilation. I mean, in my first apartment, I showered with ice-cold water every day (even in the winter), so I really shouldn’t complain, but I have been searching for products that’ll make my bathroom feel less gross and can thrive in a humid environment. So eight months ago, I took a leap of faith on a top-rated shower curtain liner on Amazon and hoped that it last at least six months without developing mold or rust. I liked it so much that I just repurchased it last week.

What Is the Downluxe Waterproof Frosted Shower Curtain Liner?

I opted for the downluxe Waterproof Frosted Shower Curtain Liner. It has nearly 55,000 ratings on Amazon and a rating average of 4.6 stars. 700 people (including myself) have bought it in the past month. It is made out of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, comes in a standard size (72″ x 72″), and is available in 11 different color options. There are three magnets at the bottom of this shower curtain’s hem that adhere to the side of the tub to keep water from escaping the shower. The liner has 12 grommets at the top, which can be used for either a straight or curved shower.

Why I Love the Downluxe Waterproof Frosted Shower Curtain Liner

Eight months ago, I bought my first downluxe curtain. I opted for the frosted version because I thought it looked a little more stylish than the shinier, vinyl options. The liner is lightweight and easy to install, and those magnets really do stay in place (though not so much that you have to use a lot of effort to yank the shower curtain liner back when stepping out of the shower). It took approximately seven months to start to look a little worse for wear and a little moldy at the eight-month mark, when I designed to replace it.

Earlier this year, we put fifteen or so shower curtain liners to the test for six months to see how they performed, and downluxe was one of them. It won the Best Magnetic award on our Best Shower Curtain Liners of 2023 list.


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