Costco Has Citrus Trees for Sale for Just $33 Each

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It may be the season of pumpkins and apples, but Costco is celebrating all things citrus. The warehouse chain just added a bunch of citrus trees to its inventory.

There are a bunch of different trees available right now, too. Costco has a Buddha’s Hand citron tree, grapefruit, Meyer lemon, navel orange, mandarin, and limes — all of which are just $33 each. You could honestly start an entire grove with Costco citrus trees!

“Which one would you get?” Angela from the Costco Guide Instagram account wrote in a recent caption. “I would love to have a citrus tree in my backyard, but I’ve heard good and bad things, so we’re on the fence. Do we do it? We’re in Arizona.”

“The Buddha hand lemon smells amazing!! Like delicious flowers,” one person commented on Angela’s post. “My mom would buy it just for the smell. But [it] doubles as a lemon!”

“Hardest to start in fall! Do not plant till spring AFTER [the] last freeze,” one commenter noted. So if you do decide to pick one of these trees up for yourself, make sure to keep it nice and warm throughout the winter before you decide what to do with it come spring.

Citrus trees do really well year-round in more southern states (zones 8, 9, and 10), so feel free to plant them in the ground and let them grow. But citrus trees will need to be moved inside every fall if you live in more northern states — as soon as temperatures drop below 50 degrees at night, it’s time to move them back into their winter vacation home. 

These trees also like lots of direct sunlight and prefer having their soil consistently moist, but never soaked. You’ll likely have to water them less in the winter.

So if you’ve been wanting to flex your green thumb in the citrus department, now is definitely the time to give it a go! Head to Costco, and pick your favorite sour-sweet tree to get started. 

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