Article Thari Everest Bench Review (Tested & Reviewed)

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The entryway is the first and last thing that family and friends see when they stop by my house. Unfortunately, it’s also the messiest and least inviting area, given the lack of storage, organization, and general decor. Shoes, bags, reusable grocery totes, unread mail, and stuff would accumulate no matter how often I’d organize the area. The previous shoe bench I had by the door was fine, but didn’t offer storage for the shoes or bags that came through the area, so it was always an unsightly nightmare. 

I needed something that hid the mess, looked nice, and created storage, but didn’t scream “storage organizer,” either. Enter: The Article Thari Bench, which is a winner from our first-ever Organization Awards. Now, the entryway is a much more welcoming area for guests, and much less of an eyesore for me. 

What’s So Great Sbout the Article Thari Bench?

The Article Thari Everest Bench is a sturdy and sophisticated storage bench with two fabric colors and two wood stain finishes; I have the Everest Gray fabric and Walnut stain. If you’re looking for a storage solution that looks more stylish than utilitarian, this is it. 

The bench is split into two sections — there’s the main bench with a large compartment underneath, and then a removable side tray with a smaller storage area underneath. The main storage area is cavernous and perfectly sized for out-of-season accessories, extra slippers for guests (yes, I live in a no-shoes-inside household), and PPE — things that are always strewn about when I don’t need them and nowhere to be found when I do. Each category of stuff gets its own canvas tote bag or clear storage container so it’s easy to move around as needed.  

As for the bench itself, the cushioning is quite firm so you’re supported when sitting on it to put on shoes — something that I personally relish every day on my way out. The smooth and soft-closing hinged lid won’t give you an unexpected surprise, either — I never worry about shutting it on my fingers if I’m in a rush. Because the bench sits across from the door that leads into the basement, I can also sneak in some extra storage underneath for workout sneakers while keeping essential footwear on the Yamazaki Tower Shoe Rack that flanks the entryway

While expensive, the Article Thari Everest Bench has been a worthwhile investment and it checks all the boxes I needed. And even though I know that things will continue to accumulate in my entryway and the storage bench will be filled to the brim, at least no one will have to know — the bench keeps it all hidden away.

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Buy: Article Thari Everest Bench, $649

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