Amazon Paper Towel Holder With Spray Bottle: It Creates Space Out of Thin Air


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You can’t go without paper towels in the kitchen, but unfortunately, they’re still sometimes a nuisance to deal with. Specifically, if you lack sufficient counter space, the idea of dedicating a corner to a paper towel roll when you could instead use it for, say, a fruit basket seems like an unfair tradeoff. For this, we recommend a solution that’s not exactly new but still totally effective: the wall-mounted paper towel holder. And, if you rent, there are even some versions that slide onto the underside of your cabinets — no installation required! As if this engineering marvel couldn’t get any better, we came across a floating paper towel holder on Amazon that not only creates storage space out of thin air, but it also comes with an extra built-in cleaning tool! The SpaceAid paper towel holder is the kitchen essential that dreams are made of, especially for small space dwellers.

What is the SpaceAid Paper Towel Holder with Spray Bottle?

You do have to drill this paper towel holder into the wall or the underside of a cabinet, but we have no doubt that once it’s up, you’ll have zero regrets. That’s because it’ll help free up a small but significant chunk of counter space by suspending your paper towel roll in mid-air. As a result, your paper towels stay out of the way but still within easy reach. Of course, that’s not even the defining feature of this genius product. See, its paper towel rod doubles as a storage spot for a built-in spray bottle! The bottle remains inserted inside the rod when not in use. You can fill it with your favorite cleaning solution, and whenever you need to quickly wipe up a countertop mess, it slides right out. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this design feature; one of our favorite home brands, simplehuman, actually released a similar product earlier this year, which we tested and loved. But at $13, this Amazon find is a more budget-friendly alternative.

What Amazon Reviewers Are Saying

Other shoppers noted that the paper towel holder is sturdy and easy to install, which only adds to its functionality. Plus, it comes in gold, silver, and white finishes in addition to black, so it’ll blend right in with the rest of your hardware regardless of whether you put it in the kitchen or bathroom. Really, it’s perfect.


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