Amazon Anproor Dried Pampas Grass Decor Review


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If you haven’t hopped on the dried flower bandwagon yet, what are you waiting for? Don’t get me wrong — I love the concept of romanticizing my life by grabbing a fresh bouquet of flowers at the bodega (or Trader Joe’s) every now and then, all while pretending I’m the main character in a Nora Ephron movie. On a day to day basis, though, I’m perfectly content admiring a trusty dried floral arrangement from across the room as I work on my laptop (and then working it into whatever pretty tablescape I’m designing when I host friends for happy hour). Most recently, I’ve been all about this dried pampas grass arrangement that I snagged for under $15 — on Amazon, of all places!

This bouquet is excellent for winter entertaining, thanks to its neutral hues and fun textures, which will add a dose of intrigue to any tablescape without interfering with any holiday colors at play. Because the bundle contains 100 stems, you can easily divide the stems up into multiple vases (say, if you’re setting a variety of tables for a wedding reception or large backyard gathering) or keep everything in one larger vase, as I like to do. No matter what, you have a tasteful decorative touch that will last you event after event with ease, which you certainly can’t say about fresh flowers. 

I’m not normally one for storing extra entertaining supplies in my small apartment, but fortunately, this bouquet plays with my existing decor nicely. So when I’m not hosting, I don’t feel as though they’re “in the way” in any capacity. I like to keep the vase on my nightstand, where I find that it complements the new woodsy, earth-toned wallpaper in my bedroom wonderfully. As someone who is on the go frequently, it’s nice to not worry about coming home to dead or drooping flowers or having to remember to change the water either. It’d also make a lovely touch in a guest room for the same reason. You can set the bouquet down on a bedside table or dresser, and then forget it — but it’ll look lovely no matter what when company visits. 

Need yet another reason to go ahead and add this bouquet to your cart? Keep in mind that dried flowers will last years on end and require basically no maintenance, so they’re truly a no-brainer for anyone who’s looking to spruce up their home a bit without spending much or signing up for a bit of a commitment (looking at you, plant parents!). These also make for a thoughtful gift for a friend or loved one. Place them in a cute vessel and present them as a housewarming present or a general pick-me-up in lieu of your standard candle or bottle of wine (they’ll last longer than either, too!). 


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