Aldi Has $9 Hanging Pothos Plants Right Now


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If you’ve been itching to add a new plant to your ever-growing houseplant collection, then Aldi needs to be your next stop. Some locations of the grocery chain have a rack of new hanging plants available, and each plant is just under $9. Besides choosing which plant to pick, the hardest decision you’ll make is whether or not to wheel the entire cart out to your car.

Spotted in the Bloomington, Illinois Aldi by Ashley from the Oh Hey, Aldi Instagram account, Aldi has a great variety of hanging plants available, with the big standouts being pothos vines and Tradescantia. But the store is also carrying a hanging fern and a pilea involucrata plant (sometimes called the friendship plant!).

Both the Tradescantia and pothos plants require similar care — they both like indirect sunlight and infrequent watering when their soil gets dry. They also are perfect candidates for being placed in hanging planters because they produce long, trailing vines and can either be trimmed and propagated, or allowed to turn your space into a jungle.

Pilea involucrata likes humidity and its soil should be kept fairly moist, but definitely not saturated. It also likes bright, indirect sunlight. Place this plant near a window close to a humidifier or mist the leaves often to simulate the rainforest conditions it comes from.

And sword ferns like the one at Aldi prefer partial to full shade and for their soil to remain moist, but not wet. So if you’re feeling like the time is right to add to your plant family, then hit your local Aldi to see which hanging plants they have in stock. For just $9 each, try not to go overboard!


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