AI-Related Job Postings Are Surging—and Paying Six Figures


With the emergence and widespread use of artificial intelligence over the past year, questions loom over how the technology will impact the job market — but according to a new report, it already has.

A recent report from the job and networking platform LinkedIn found a significant surge in job postings worldwide that reference AI or generative AI. In fact, between July 2021 and July 2023, such job listings more than doubled globally.

Moreover, the increase of AI-related roles isn’t industry-specific, but rather spans a myriad of sectors, Olivier Sabella, vice president of talent solutions at LinkedIn, told CNBC.

“These job posts vary from roles where professionals will directly work on AI development, such as AI engineer, to job postings where AI is listed as a required skill — for example, a digital product manager or cyber security consultant,” Sabella told the outlet.

The report also found that it’s not just employers warming up to the implementation of AI, but the new tech is also piquing job seekers’ interest.

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Job postings that mention AI or generative AI have seen 17% “greater application growth” over the past two years.

“As for the popularity of job posts mentioning AI, candidates are savvy,” Erin Scruggs, vice president of global talent acquisition at LinkedIn, said in the report. “They’re showing they want to go where opportunities are.”

And some companies are willing to shell out big bucks for those who fit the bill.

A report by ResumeBuilder earlier this year found that of 1,187 business leaders in the U.S., 92% are hiring, and 91% are looking for ChatGPT experience. One in four is willing to offer starting salaries exceeding $200,000, and 17% of respondents said they’d surpass a $300,000 salary for AI “prompt engineers.”

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