A $50 Pendant Is a Game Changer in This Dining Room Makeover


 Secondhand furniture fills in the space. 

To keep the project budget-friendly, most of Kristin’s furniture was purchased secondhand — including a chic marble-look dining table and four wooden chairs that she lucked out on while searching through Facebook Marketplace. “I was so excited to find a secondhand option that was more affordable but still looked elevated,” she says, although it was a challenging hunt.  

“I struggled to find a dining table that would fit this space because it is narrow, and I often walk through it to get into the kitchen,” Kristin says. “An oval-shaped table ended up being a great choice and fits the space nicely.” 

To complete her character-rich dining room, Kristin dressed the built-in shelves with stacked books, greenery, and sentimental trinkets, like the vintage ornaments that her grandmother collected during her travels in Europe.

Kristin is thrilled with the results and says the room now feels so much cozier. As for next steps in her home makeover journey, she is heading to Pinterest for inspiration. “I’d love to add even more character in this space by having mismatched, funky chairs,” she says. “I’ve seen this on Pinterest and think it is such a unique way to bring character to your dining space!”


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