A $350 Bathroom Makeover Brilliantly Uses a Vintage Dresser


The star of the show is an upcycled vanity.

It was absolutely Suzy’s lucky day when she found a vintage dresser left on the curb. She knew the dresser had the potential to be a charming vanity that would inject some character back into the bathroom. 

“This salvaged dresser felt meant-to-be,” she says. “Finding it was the serendipitous spark that ignited our project.” While the dresser had some minor scratches, it felt important to Suzy to leave some of the imperfections along her journey to crafting her ideal bathroom vanity. “Personally, I like it when antique furniture shows some history,” she says.

To turn the dresser into a functional vanity, she shortened the drawers in the back with a jigsaw to make room for plumbing to go behind them. She sealed the wood vanity with polyurethane. To complete the vanity, Suzy bought a new vessel sink and faucet — which were on sale — and used existing plumbing to make them functional.

The vessel sink and faucet came with templates to create holes on top of the vanity. “The internet was an invaluable resource for helping me figure out how to pull this off,” Suzy says.


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