3 Big Changes Make a White Living Room Color-Drenched & Cozy


Mauve paint creates a moody backdrop.

Savannah says painting the ceiling above the crown molding made the paint feel like a truly maximalist choice. “The painting was tough because we did a base coat and then two coats of the mauve, and painting a ceiling is always a little tricky.”

Savannah’s renovation advice is that things always take more time than expected. “Things need time to dry, be sanded, glued, rewired, and more.” But the result of Savannah and Kaitlyn’s renovation is coziness and warmth. 

“We spend way more time in here now than we did the first two years of living in the house,” Savannah says. “The room is so much warmer than before, and with these cold Midwest seasons, it’s perfect to snuggle up in. Many of our friends have come over and have mentioned how cozy the room is and have said they don’t want to leave. Several have fallen asleep.”

That’s a sure sign of an inviting living room.

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