Walmart’s 7.5” Demogorgon Is a Must for “Stranger Things” Fans


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Although Stranger Things fans will have to wait a while for the hit Netflix sci-fi horror drama’s final season, the Halloween season presents the perfect opportunity to bring a piece of the Upside Down to your own home. This year, Walmart is selling a seven-and-a-half-foot-tall, life-sized Animatronic Demogorgon guaranteed to make your house the spookiest trick-or-treating stop on the block.

Once activated, the animatronic turns at the waist and makes the same growling and screeching noises that sent a shiver down so many Netflix viewers’ spines. 

Created by Gemmy Industries in collaboration with Netflix, the Animatronic Demogorgon is available exclusively on Walmart’s website for $399. So far, it seems to live up to the hype — at the time of writing, the Halloween animatronic boasted a 4 out of 5-star rating based on six reviews. One reviewer went so far as to dub it the “decoration of the year.”

“LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!” they wrote. “This is amazing, looks so real! My neighbors all want one now.”

“Sounds just like the show,” another reviewer said. “Trick-or-treaters are really going to love this.”

If you’re an avid Stranger Things viewer but scaring passersby isn’t your thing, no worries. This year, Netflix and Walmart are also selling a more playful take on the Demogorgon. Standing at five feet tall, the Airblown Inflatable Demogorgon is a pastel purple and holds a cheerful jack-o’-lantern. Only its signature sharp teeth hint that this isn’t a monster you should be messing with! Fans can look out for this inflatable online and in Walmart stores soon.

Buy: Life Sized Netflix Stranger Things Animated Giant 7.5 Foot Tall Demogorgon, $399


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