SoftBank CEO: AI Will Surpass Human Intelligence in 10 Years


The CEO of SoftBank is making a bold prediction about the future of artificial intelligence.

Masayoshi Son, founder and CEO of the Japanese conglomerate, said he sees artificial intelligence surpassing human intelligence within the next 10 years at the SoftBank World conference in Tokyo on Wednesday.

Son said he believes artificial general intelligence will grow 10 times smarter than the “total intelligence of humankind,” according to the Associated Press.

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He also said “artificial super intelligence” could be identified in the next 20 years and could surpass human smarts by a factor of 10,000, per CNN

“It is wrong to say that AI cannot be smarter than humans as it is created by humans,” he said, per CNN. “AI is now self-learning, self-training, and self-inferencing, just like human beings.”

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Son added that AI will take over and affect all industries, including transportation, pharmaceuticals and finance, and those already embracing AI will be on top of the curve within the next 10 to 20 years, per AP.

The CEO said he wants to be on the “side of progress” and plans to invest in AI-related endeavors. “It would be sad to be on the side that gets left behind,” he added.


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