Should I ask for a raise? Employees who deserve more money often don’t


Ask and you shall receive—but what about those of us who dread asking? B2B Reviews, a platform that collects reviews for business-to-business companies, surveyed 1,000 employees in America to understand how they felt about asking for raises. If you’re afraid of asking for a raise, take heart: you’re not alone.

  • Overall, most people are afraid of asking for a raise: 80% of Americans feel like they deserve a raise, but only 60% intended to ask for one, and 58% say they are afraid to do so. On average, people want a 10% pay raise.
  • Fear is the biggest factor for not asking: 32% of Americans say they are hesitant to ask for a raise because they don’t know how to approach the conversation, and 28% because they’re afraid of hearing no, while 22% say they are worried about their job security.
  • Getting the raise: 57% of people said they got a raise in the past without asking for one, but despite increasing awareness around pay transparency in recent years, two-thirds say they do not discuss their salaries with coworkers. What people do agree on: 70% would not trust AI to fairly decide upon a raise.

“As the economy continues to rise and fall, the conversation about compensation is far from over, and employees and employers alike would do well to encourage more open communication,” the study’s authors wrote.


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