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Doja Cat has reportedly lost 250,000 followers on Instagram after slamming her fanbase for the use of the nickname “Kittenz.” Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro both took to social media to address their breakup and set the record straight on those cheating rumors. Tori Kelly gives fans an update after being hospitalized for blood clots found in her legs and lungs. And more.

Tetris Kelly:
We’ve got updates on Tori Kelly, Rosalía and Doja Cat. Nelly Furtado, Timbaland and Justin Timberlake bring the nostalgia. Big Time Rush gives Billboard all access on their tour stop. We break down one of the toughest rounds of the Fan Army Face-Off and revisit 2017 Songs of the Summer. Welcome back to Billboard News, I’m Tetris Kelly. It’s Thursday, July 27th. And let’s jump into some updates.

Doja Cat loses fans, Tori Kelly speaks to hers, and Rauw and Rosalía discuss their breakup. We’re giving you updates on the stories we’ve covered this week. After Doja Cat called a fan “a crazy person” and said she doesn’t love her fans because she doesn’t know them, they reacted. Figures provided to Billboard state that Doja lost over 250,000 followers on IG. You could also see on Twitter that several fan accounts deactivated their pages.

Rauw Alejandro is speaking out after news of his breakup with Rosalía and cheating allegations surfaced. He said in a statement, “Yes, a few months ago Rosy and I ended our engagement. There are 1000s of problems that can cause a breakup but in our case, it was not because of infidelity, or a third person.” Rosalía added, “I love respect and admire Raul so much. Not even the movies, only ourselves, know what we’ve lived through. In this moment, it ain’t easy. But thanks to the whole world for understanding and respecting.”

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