Mystery McDonald’s Doordash Deliveries Keep Showing Up in Texas


They’re not lovin’ it.

D Magazine reports that residents of a neighborhood in Texas called Idiot’s Hill (yes, that’s really what it is called) have been on the receiving end of McDonald’s DoorDash deliveries that they did not order. And as nice as free food might seem, it is kind of freaking people out.

One recipient of the mystery Mickey Dee’s named Carly Swim told D Magazine that there have been over 20 deliveries in recent weeks, usually consisting of an entree, fries and a drink. “We’re all kind of laughing at each other,” Swim says of the strange predicament of finding food at your front door. “But I guess there’s a little part of you that’s hoping you’re not laughing at somebody getting scammed.”

It’s certainly weird — and not an isolated phenomenon. As the Los Angeles Times reported earlier this summer, from late February and March of this year, several homes in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Highland Park were hit with dozens of unordered Uber Eats deliveries.

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Like the folks in Idiot’s Hill, the Angelenos quickly went from being confused to being amused to being concerned. “We one got three different orders within five minutes,” Highland Park resident William Neil told CBS.

So what’s going on here? No one knows for sure, but here are the theories:

  • This is part of a prank for a TV show.
  • Criminals are testing if stolen credit cards work.
  • The customer service phone number on the bags are part of a phishing scam.

A DoorDash spokeswoman told D Magazine that they were investigating the bogus orders in Idiot’s Hill. McDonald’s did not respond to a request for comment. Likewise, Entrepreneur reached out to Uber for comment on the Los Angeles deliveries and has not heard back.

We may never know the story behind these baffling bags of fries, and although we may never for sure who is behind the bogus orders, we have a strong hunch that the guy in the middle of the lineup below is somehow involved.

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