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Killer Mike reveals his favorite Georgia slang.

Killer Mike:
What’s up? This Michael Render, Killer Mike.

Three of my favorite pieces of Georgia slang are “shawty” because that can mean so many things. It could mean, “I saw a pretty girl, and man, was she pretty. Shawty.” It could mean your buddy did something dumb: “Man, did he wreck your car? Shawty!” It could mean you just hit the lottery. “You hit the lotto?! Shawty!”

The other one is “hellyoutalmbout.” “Man I heard you lost your house.” “Hellyoutalmbout boy! I’m financially stable. I’m good. I’m in Greenwood man.” It could be a very, very, very bad thing too. Like, people say, “Man, I heard your house burnt down. …” “Hellyoutalmbout…”

My other one is … let me see, “playa.” I think that’s an old one we don’t use as much. But I liked it, man. I liked when Atlanta and Georgia kept it player, man, so to me, whether it’s Outkast music, Goody Mob tunes, or the way you see Thug or Baby. They really keep it playa. Future biggest playa of all time! And shouts out to all the playas out there.

And I just want to follow up on “jawnin,” and that just means to tease someone. I know people from D.C. thought they created that, but all your grandparents came from the South. So we’ve been jawnin a long time.

Watch Killer Mike talk about his favorite Georgia slang above!


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