Jisoo Talks Whether BLACKPINK Is a K-Pop Trailblazer – Billboard

It’s undeniable that BLACKPINK is one of the biggest bands in the world, past and present. And in a new interview, Jisoo — one fourth of the K-pop girl group — was candid about the impact she and fellow members Lisa, Rosé and Jennie have had on their genre.

Sitting down with Elle Korea for a cover story published Wednesday (July 26), the 28-year-old South Korean singer reflected on whether BLACKPINK are “trailblazers,” as billed by BST Hyde Park Festival, which the group headlined on July 2.

“Maybe half and half?” Jisoo said diplomatically, as translated from Korean to English by Google Translates. “We also walked the path that others have made, but I think there are parts that we pioneered, as we debuted at a time when the platform was expanding and accessibility to K-pop was increasing.”

“Just as there was a part where we walked on a polished road, I hope we can help make the path of those who will come after us smoother,” the star continued. “It would be nice if they could pioneer their own thing and connect with each other. Anyway, that’s a nice expression.”

Among BLACKPINK’s major accomplishments in the past year alone: becoming the first Asian act to headline Coachella, becoming the first K-pop girl group to top the Billboard 200, and scoring the first ever single to debut atop the Hot Trending Songs chart. The four ladies are also nearing the end of their Born Pink World Tour, which kicked off in October following the release of their sophomore album.

Jisoo also spoke to Elle about the joys of playing different venues and major festivals on tour, the highlight of which was “meeting fans from various cultures.” “It is impossible not to be moved when the pink light stick is turned on in the dark,” she gushed. “I can see the affection of many people with my eyes, so I have many thoughts.”

“When I see Rosé or Lisa more overwhelmed in Australia or Thailand, where they spent their childhood, I am also moved,” she added. “It is clear that the tour brings many emotions.”


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