Best flight deal: Southwest Airlines BOGO 50% off is on through Aug. 3


BOGO 50%: Through August 3, Southwest Rapid Rewards members can save 50% on a later fare when they buy a roundtrip flight or two one-way flights by August 3 and fly by Sept. 30.

The beginning of August is a beautiful time of camaraderie — if you consider the collective crisis over the fact that it’s already August and many of us haven’t taken a summer trip yet to be camaraderie.

A surprise two-day deal from Southwest could be the kick you need to request that time off, especially when it essentially squeezes two vacations out of one purchase. The airline’s first-ever BOGO 50% off deal applies to a future flight when you buy the first roundtrip ticket (or two one-way tickets) by the end of Aug. 3 and travel by Sept. 30. That booking unlocks a 50% off promo code that you can use to book a flight between Oct. 17 and Nov. 23 for a travel period between Jan. 8 and March 6, 2024. It’s time for you to be the person on Instagram shitposting from a ski resort.

There are a few blackout dates in there: The 50% off code is void from Feb. 15 to Feb. 19, Feb. 23 to Feb. 25, and on March 3, 2024. You’ll also have to be a Southwest Rapid Rewards member to participate, but enrolling is quick and free. The program is clutch for frequent travelers, offering unlimited reward seats and earned points toward future flights.

Working around the time constraints of the fine print could save you hundreds on that second flight, especially if you’d be flying on a high-demand day (like over a weekend). Flying with Southwest also saves money in the form of two free checked bags, plus no change or cancel fees. Oh, and free iMessaging on board.


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