8BitDo’s Switch Micro Controller Weighs Less Than an AA Battery


The 8BitDo Micro Controller is two thirds the size of a single Joy-Con and contains all the buttons needed to play 2D games and several, simpler 3D games.
Image: 8BitDo

What is this, a game controller for ants? The company that brought you wireless versions of the classic NEOGEO CD controller and an upgrade kit to turn an N64 controller into a wireless gamepad now has a controller so compact it seems purpose-built for getting lost between the couch cushions.

8BitDo’s new $25 Micro controller contains everything you would need in a bluetooth controller for playing 2D games, and it only weighs 24.8 grams, or about .8 ounces. For comparison, that’s less than a single AA battery. The new controller has Bluetooth and wired capabilities, plus it has all the basic controls needed for most 2D games including two sets of two shoulder buttons. It measures about 72 mm long and has a depth of about 14 mm, so it should slip comfortably into any sized pocket.

8BitDo claims the Micro will get 10 hours of play time before needing a recharge with its 180mAHLi-on battery. The only two colors available are a blue and mint green, so unlike 8Bitdo’s compact Lite controller, you won’t be able to do any direct color match it to your Nintendo Switch Lite.

The controller is compatible with Android 9.0 and above and the Nintendo Switch 3.0 or later. You can also get this to work with a Rasberry Pi. The company promoted it has its own software suite for customizing each of the 16 different inputs on the controller, and users can enable Micro on “Keyboard Mode” to use it to control software other than games. In keyboard mode, the Micro will also work on iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and Windows, but you may need to finagle the controls first to make sure it all works properly.

The closest comparison to make to this kind of device is 8BitDo’s earlier Zero 2 gamepad and the more-recent Lite controller (which also makes room for two joysticks). In comparison, the Micro has more buttons than the Zero 2 and is only slightly heavier than the Zero 2.

The $25 8BitDo Micro controller should already be up for sale on its shop site and Amazon.

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